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11C rue professeur René Guillet

69003 Lyon


06 85 21 20 35

Acquiring a translation

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  • You just need to contact me by Email attaching the document you want translated and telling me the deadline.

  • You will receive a quotation within 24h with a rate applied and the amount of time needed to fulfill the service.

  • Translation begins once the quote accepted (usually by Email), taking into account the time needed.

  • Depending on the situation and/or the avaibility, proofreading can be done by a professional in the target language (school teacher) or in the field of expertise, or as a last resort by myself.

  • Invoice will be sent either joined to the translation, or 2-3 days later.

  • Standard payments terms are 30 days from invoice date.



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  • My rates are based on the number of words from the source document.

  • Aiming a qualitative objective, I don't want to exceed 2000 words a day although emergencies can happen and be treated.

  • Payment is made by bank transfers, cheques can be accepted depending on the situation



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File format processed

  • I work with every type of file from Microsoft office 2007, pdf.

  • Don't hesitate to add every information that you might find relevant about the document to translate, could it be about the background needed for a more subtle understanding or to emphasize on a specific direction; about some specific terms of confidentiality or just a simple question about the translated documents.