Freelance translator specialised in sciences & technicals, I'm translating from English and/or Spanish to french.

Trained in chemical engineering, process engineering and in viticulture-oenology. Deep knowledge of linguistic vocabulary not only technical, objective but also subjective (transcreation), with a more profound and connotative analysis of the expressions that can suggest, evoke, transmit sensations, emotions like during for example a wine tasting.

   Activity launched in 2015 as a freelancer, I am often solicitated in thermics and chemistry fields. Don't hesitate to contact me for any quotation request (here).

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Expertise fields

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Chemical industry

Chemical engineering, chemical industry processes, unitary operations. Chemical analysis, laboratory.

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Physics of materials

Thermics, heating pump systems (thermodynamics), renewable energy, mechanics, electricity, magnetism

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Organoleptic and sensory analysis. Elaboration process (vinification, fermentation, distillation), "viticulturales operations", diseases and treatments. My knowledges in organoleptic analysis can be adaptated from wine to tea and coffee as for any food product.

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Marketing & communication

Brochures, documentation, manuals and advertisings, surveys, market studies, trade publications, press releases.

Portfolio /sample translations

  • English to French
  • 5001 words
  • 1573 words
  • 1437 words
  • 1371 words
  • 711 words
  • 156 words
  • 816 words
  • 379 words
  • 1076 words
  • 3128 words
  • French to Spanish
  • 2200 words
  • 4757 words
  • 2nd level technical training: scale, types of corrosion, product range
  • Air source heat pump systems presentation, appropriate treatments
  • Ground source heat pump systems presentation, appropriate treatments
  • Solar thermal systems presentation (renewable energy, collector and photovoltaic panel ), appropriate treatments
  • Returned damaged filters report
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Boiler's filters presentation (Quadrahydrocyclonic technology)
  • Flushing pumps comparative analysis chart
  • Installer & wholesaler survey
  • ErP Campaign Plan Overview-Core
  • Product fact sheets : aerosol spray cans (leak sealer, inhibitor, noise reducer, high performance cleaner)
  • Sample analysis of various water source heat pump systems: objectives, results, commentaries and corrective treatments